MGT 575 at Maharishi University of Management

Welcome to M.U.M. MGT 575 (Internet Marketing) Wiki

This is the Maharishi University of Management MGT 575 Internet Marketing class - fan wiki. This is for fun!

Although the real class is not too serious, we try to avoid the seriousness even more over here.

Bring your best sense of humor and make this Wiki your own.

I used a free wiki from The ads are the price for that....

What do we have here?Edit


Let's have some cool things in this wiki.

Current pages and linksEdit


More Links to addEdit

(See some links on the left in the recent activity, to be added)

Post anything you want and let's try to keep some structure to it.

Some examples to post:

  • Pictures
  • Anecdotes
  • Class Video (and the survivors video)
  • Links related to class projects and class materials
  • Prototype web sites of your class project
  • Links to your currently up and running web sites
  • Personal web sites and other fun stuff class related or not...
  • Paul's best stand up routines...
  • Anything!

Latest activityEdit

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