This page will contain a logo and link to different language web sites.

For the purpose of this prototyping, all languages are on the same page within this simple navigation:

Domains in different language will be (subject to change and domain check)



Main page navigations:

Kashimori - Main Page

  • Contains outline of the contents and quick navigation

Kashimori Story

  • What is Kashimori
  • Who developed it
  • How does it work

Kashimori In Action

  • Individual's testimonials
  • Environmental projects
  • Science and Scientific research

(List of text, audio, pictures, video...) Kashimori Shop*Product description (More products later)

  • payment with PayPal / Credit Card

Kashimori ServicesThis section describes the consultation service we offer.*Purification for a body of water of any size.

    • Consulting
    • full project delivery
    • followup

Contact Us

  • Form to submit
    • Type: project request/feedback/ask a question/leave testimonial
    • interest in what kind of project
  • Contact information

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